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“Each unique expression of generosity will have value far beyond what we can imagine or live to see.” – MacKenzie Scott, philanthropist and novelist

Playworks is honored to receive a gift from MacKenzie Scott! This generous gift will help us make play accessible to more kids and fund our work with schools and community-based organizations supporting the social, emotional, and physical development of kids. 

This gift has come at a time of continued uncertainty and urgent need as we have more schools and districts asking for Playworks’ help than we can respond to, and as children deal with increased stress, trauma and anxiety exacerbated during the COVID pandemic. It is also a testament to the broad community of support we have garnered throughout our journey — a signal of trust in our proven impact and an endorsement that will help to ensure that Playworks is here for generations of students to come.

We are proud of what we have accomplished in our 25 years. Playworks has impacted a generation of kids with the power of play. We have reached 2,174,400 kids through 3,259 school partnerships, out-of-school providers, and community organizations made possible by an incredible community of partners and donors. Through the work of thousands of AmeriCorps Members and staff, we have made sure a generation of kids have played, felt included and discovered their best selves on the playground.

This gift will enable us to better support the next generation of kids. Thank you MacKenzie, and thank you to all who have shown and continue to show generosity and add value to our work. 

Read more about MacKenzie Scott’s gifts and her approach to giving.

Let’s build on this momentum and keep working toward our vision that every child in America gets to play every day. Our kids deserve nothing less.


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