10 Tips for Teaching Physical Distance

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As kids return to school in person…

It may be difficult to keep them physically distant. Although the CDC has updated COVID safety guidance to be a physical distance of 3 feet for students rather than the previous 6 feet, that can still feel like a lot to children. After months away from their friends and classmates, they’ll be eager to reconnect. 

We need to help kids establish norms that don’t include the typical hugs and high-fives but still enable them to positively reunite and build connections. Playing games and participating in active classroom activities can help establish these norms and give kids a chance to practice these safe and healthy behaviors. 

To help ensure school is fun while allowing students to reconnect safely, try these playful ways to show kids what 3 feet of distance feels like in the classroom and on the playground. 

10 fun, easy ways to measure 3+ feet:

  1. Three hops in hopscotch
  2. One hula hoop length
  3. A foam pool noodle
  4. Helicopter arms (arms out to side)
  5. One foursquare box
  6. Length of a guitar
  7. Tetherball string
  8. Length of a recess cart
  9. Space for someone to jump rope
  10. Five lunchboxes

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