M&T Play Day at Patterson Park Public Charter School

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Baltimore, MD—March 15, 2018 — Volunteers from M&T joined Playworks Maryland for a Play Day held at Patterson Park Public Charter School (PPPCS). Fifty volunteers traveled from all over the East Coast to enjoy playing with students and seeing the impact of Playworks first hand. PPPCS recess ranges from 100-150 students.

At the start of the day, AnDeneen Baldwin, Playworks Development Manager, and Juanita Morgan, Playworks Program manager discussed the importance of safe and healthy play for students in Maryland and why Playworks Coach programs are an asset to elementary schools in Baltimore City. PPPCS Principal, Dr. Chad Kramer also spoke with the volunteers about PPPCS outstanding partnership with Playworks and the visible improvement of student behavior both on the recess yard and in the classroom.

Facilitated by Juanita Morgan, M&T volunteers also had the opportunity to participate in a Playworks game training to prepare them to facilitate game stations, conflict resolution techniques to use on the recess yard and the importance of using “attention getters”. They learned how to play and lead games such as switch, four square, turtle tag, relay race, and three line basketball (which was a crowd favorite). Not only was the training a learning experience, volunteers also had the opportunity to play the games with their peers and Playworks staff. Once recess came around all of the volunteers were pros!

After training was over it was now time for the exciting part of the day, recess! Volunteers were enthusiastic about playing with the students ranging from Pre-K to third grade. As the students walked towards the park their faces looked eager to play and interact with the many new faces. Even through all of the excitement, they managed to stay in their designated lines, utilize listening skills, and reiterate the rules of recess with their coach.

During recess the volunteers used what they learned in training, perfectly facilitated game stations and had exceptional interactions with the students. Throughout recess you witnessed high fives, ro-sham-bo and team work from students and volunteers. One student exclaimed that “recess was so much fun!” This was also a fun experience for the volunteers. When asked if they participated in anything similar to Playworks programming most volunteers indicated that  Playworks Play Day was a very unique volunteer experience.

During the 2017-18 school year, Playworks Maryland will serve 40 schools and reach 20,000 children across the state. Corporate Play Day is just one of the many ways that Playworks has worked together with both corporate partners and schools throughout Maryland to keep kids active, healthy, and display the importance of leadership and safe, meaningful play.


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