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For the past 6 months, our incredible AmeriCorps coaches have been creating recess environments where every kid can thrive. Playworks AmeriCorps coaches commit to a full or part-time year of service in schools across the country. Our coaches create a place for every kid on the playground to feel included, be active, and build valuable social and emotional skills.

Playworks AmeriCorps coaches are true champions for service and make an impact each and every day. For more than two decades, Playworks AmeriCorps coaches have helped further our mission to improve the health and well-being of children by increasing opportunities for physical activity and safe, meaningful play.

During AmeriCorps Week we celebrate their hard work and commitment to “Get Things Done” by sharing stories of the positive impact they are making in our community.

While each and every one of our coaches exemplify our core values of respect, inclusion, healthy play and healthy community, Playworks Maryland AmeriCorps coaches Tionne “Tee” Deminds and Katie “KT” Ross are among many AmeriCorps members that go above and beyond to create an inclusive school community and become leaders at their school throughout the year.

Read their stories about how their service through AmeriCorps has impacted their school community.

“My first year as a coach, my Junior Coaches did a great job coming into the recess yard and playing with the kids. However, they didn’t lead many games. This year my main focus was to build my junior coaches to be real leaders and be able to run a recess yard without me.

“Only a couple months into the Junior Coach program and I feel like I accomplished that! All my junior coaches came out and led games without my help. Seeing them gather kids and start up a game with them is awesome and I don’t think I can be even more proud of them and their growth thus far”.

— Coach Tee at Calverton Elementary


“Our school has been struggling with our fourth and fifth graders demonstrating safety in several areas. Our school has a system called circles where at the beginning and end of the week teachers have circles with classes to talk about both positive or negative issues in the class.

Principle Bailey, Mr. Navyac, and both our 4th and 5th grade teachers came together during Playworks time and we all made a circle to talk about how we could be more safe and respectful during recess. All my students had great ideas on what we can do to make our time more safe, enjoyable, and inclusive.”

— Coach KT at Windsor Hill Elementary

During this AmeriCorps Week we celebrate of all of our coaches’ hard work to build safer, happier school communities. We will continue to champion that spirit, and we thank our coaches for being rock star Playworks AmeriCorps coaches.


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