December 3, 2019 is Giving Tuesday

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It is Giving Tuesday, and we need your support now more than ever.

Kids in our community deserve to feel supported throughout their childhood.

Teachers tell us that Playworks’ language of “good job” and “nice try” create the kind of positive experience their students desperately need on the playground. You can count on seeing kids high-five each other and encourage one another at Playworks’ schools.

“Students really like to say good job, nice try. Even if their team loses, they get reassurance they were still trying their hardest,” said Taylor Harris, a second grade teacher at a Playworks school.

“It then transitions into the classroom. If we’re doing a math game, they’ll say, ‘good job, nice try’,” explains Lisa King, a fourth-grade teacher.

Together, we will help more kids experience feel included and supported at recess. And we know that this means they’re more likely to thrive in school and life.

By making your donation today, your money will go twice as far. The first $35,000 of donations to Playworks will be matched today for Giving Tuesday by the Playworks National Board.

With your support, kids throughout our community can have a positive experience on the playground and in school every day.


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