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When kids feel included and supported at recess, they’re more likely to thrive in school and in life.

Everyone deserves a chance to become the best possible version of themselves. Kids need us to make that possible for them.  Not all kids feel like they fit in at school. Feeling safe and like you belong is key to being able to learn and develop in healthy ways.

Playworks partners with elementary schools and people like you to ensure all kids get the chance to experience safe and healthy play. While having fun, kids build relationships, learn how to resolve conflicts, and solve challenges together.

By fostering opportunities for joy, teamwork, and a sense of belonging in schools, we are giving every child a chance to become the best possible version of themselves. And we know that we can’t reach every kid in our community without support from people like you, who believe every kid really matters.

Your donation will ensure kids are able to become their best selves.

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Real Players Don't Bully
Real Players Don't Bully

October 2, 2019

Real Players Don’t Bully 2019 ›

It’s cool to be kind! In recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month, Playworks and it’s campaign, Real Players Don’t Bully has partnered with Google and it’s program, Be Internet Awesome to show kids the importance of practicing kindness and inclusion to prevent bullying.   This issue is important to kids and teachers alike. Teachers report that…

The Philadelphia Tribune

December 4, 2018

Chester A. Arthur student takes on leadership role through recess program ›

Ten-year-old Nafis Johnson has been developing and honing his leadership skills by contributing his time as a Junior Coach for Playworks Pennsylvania. The Playworks Junior Coach program gives selected fourth- and fifth-grade students the tools they need to navigate through school and life. “I’ve been a Junior Coach for Playworks for about a year and a…

June 6, 2018

Junior Coach Mabel Finds Her Voice as a Leader ›

Junior Coach Mabel is a 4th grader at the Boston Teachers Union School in Jamaica Plain. Although Mabel only joined the Junior Coach team in February, she has already made a big impression as a leader in her school. In the beginning of the school year, Mabel was very shy and didn’t always feel confident…