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You can help save this valuable community service

Every day, Playworks serves more than 100,000 students in 15 cities around the country. We are able to serve such large numbers of students because of our seven-year partnership with AmeriCorps. Currently, 161 AmeriCorps members are part of the Playworks family, providing safe, inclusive play and physical activity at low-income schools. These AmeriCorps members are dedicated to their communities at school and beyond.

Edith Mordi is one example of how Playworks and AmeriCorps partner to make a difference on the playground and in the community. An AmeriCorps member in our Washington, DC schools last year, Edith grew up with an ethic of service.

AmeriCorps service is an important part of the Playworks experience, she explains. “As an AmeriCorps member, you have the opportunity to get outside the box and help other people. The experience helps people who are committed to service learn more about opportunities to better the world through their communities. You never know what little thing you’ve done will change other people’s lives.” 

Program Coordinator Casey Luebbert has served his community not once, but now twice through AmeriCorps. He provides school day and after school services to 500+ students at Oakland Elementary in Denver, Colo. Just last week, Casey shared this story with us:

"In my second term with AmeriCorps I have really come to appreciate the weekend service projects. In Playworks, we always bring the utmost energy to every weekend event. Recently, we helped with the grand opening of a recreation center for Denver Parks and Rec. This event was littered with cameramen and politicians. The mayor's energy and draw dwarfed in comparison to the energy of the Playworks coaches. We had dozens of kids playing dodgeball, basketball, tag, gauntlet, and all sorts of other games in the gym the entire day.

I had several recreation center staff approach me to tell me that my job looks like so much fun. They are absolutely right. Our positive energy as Playworks coaches transfers over to the game's participants as well as the many observers we had on this particular day.

What we do is so powerful, and on this glorious service project we were able to bring our unique brand of play to another group of unsuspecting people. The power of play is displayed again and again at these service projects to participants, observers, and in this case politicians that may have never experienced Playworks."

We need your help so that the hundreds of Ediths and Caseys out there can continue to support the communities that so desperately need their energy and commitment.

To help save AmeriCorps, go to or sign the petition at

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