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How Playworks

Playworks is changing school culture by leveraging the power of safe, fun, and healthy play at school every day. We provide services for elementary schools and youth-serving organizations around the country. Our services include:

Playworks Coach

Transform your school culture with a full-time Playworks coach. Through our full-time, year-round Playworks Coach model, we provide elementary schools with a full-time recess coach, throughout the school day and after school. Our coaches enhance and transform recess and play into a positive experience that helps kids and teachers get the most out of every learning opportunity. Our rock-star coaches strive to know every child by name, orchestrating play and physical activity through the five components of the Playworks program every day.

The Playworks Coach service has been proven to decrease bullying behavior, increase physical activity and support learning.


Playworks TeamUp

Collaborate with an on-site Playworks recess expert to empower your playground team. The Playworks TeamUp service partners with elementary schools by providing an on-site coordinator to teach, model, and empower a sustainable recess program. A fusion of Playworks Coach and Playworks Pro, TeamUp provides a single site coordinator to four partner schools. The site coordinator spends a week each month at each school leading, supporting, and empowering the recess team—including a lead recess coach—to create a safe, inclusive playground for all students.


Playworks Pro

Build capacity for positive play with Playworks professional development. The Playworks Pro service provides professional training and ongoing development to school staff, paraprofessionals, and after-school care providers to create and maintain a great recess and environment for play throughout the school year. With hands-on professional development workshops and collaborative consultation, Playworks Pro provides step-by-step guidance and tools needed to create a positive recess environment for students. Beyond the playground, Playworks supports out–of–school time staff with techniques to create more inclusive and healthy play opportunities for the youth in their programs.


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