Teaching Conflict Resolution Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Kermit is a natural leader in his class, and all of the kids want to be his friend.

During our weekly class game time, I taught Kermit’s class how to play a game called Roshambo Red Light Green Light that combines the best of two Playworks favorites. The kids loved playing the game and cheering on their classmates. I later explained how to use Roshambo (also known as rock, paper, scissors) to resolve conflicts; it’s a game of chance that gives kids a quick and fun way to solve disagreements on their own.

In Kindergarten at Kermit’s school, the biggest conflict is sharing the swings and letting every kid get a turn. One day during recess, Kermit cames running up and said, “Coach D, Jackson and I got to the swings the same time and he took it from me.”

Before I could even offer a suggestion, Kermit smacked his forehead and said, “Shoot, I should have used Roshambo to decide who gets the swing.”

I was so impressed he remembered this useful tool, and I gave him a high-five. I walked over to the swings with Kermit and watched him ask Jackson to play Roshambo. Although Kermit ended up losing, he didn’t complain. Instead, he said, “That’s ok I can wait three minutes for the swing.” I felt so much pride and happiness that what I was teaching in class game time translated into recess, and that I am making an impact on these kids lives.

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Facebook post: Kermit is a natural leader, and a quick learner. After hearing about how Ro Sham Bo can be a quick, fun way to resolve to disagreements, Kermit used the game to solve a conflict about who should use the swings next. Kermit didn’t win Ro Sham Bo so he waited patiently for his turn.

You can help kids like Kermit learn to solve conflicts on their own for the first time.

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