Playworks Helps Make Leadership a Family Tradition

Junior Coach Natalie is making Playworks a family tradition.

From the very first day, she knew the rules to almost every game, and even some cheers her Playworks coach didn’t know. It turns out Natalie had been learning what it means to be a Junior Coach since seeing her older sister Abby serve in the role a few years prior. Natalie told us, “I want to be a Junior Coach and solve problems, just like my big sister.”

Natalie has followed in her sister’s footsteps and become a fantastic Junior Coach and all around helper. On the playground, Natalie is the Ro Sham Bo captain, proudly demonstrating to students how to solve issues. She carries this skill inside, encouraging peers to use the technique for classroom conflicts as well. We love seeing the ripple effect as children learn how to positively influence those around them.



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