Host a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfund for your school or organization.  Want to bring Playworks to your children’s school?

Fill out the form below to initiate and host a crowdfunding campaign.  Gather all school supporters—parents, teachers, volunteers and community members.  Crowdfund today and give the gift of a PlayworksU Foundations subscription to your local elementary school.

After submission, please look out for an email (within one to two business days) containing instructions about starting your crowdfunding campaign.  As the host of the crowdfunding campaign, you will receive all communications from PlayworksU.  Should that information change, please contact


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We will notify you once your crowdfunding reaches your goal. If your crowdfunding has not reached your goal past your crowdfunding end date, we will keep the campaign open until you meet your goal.  We can also contact the school to see if they are willing to make up the difference.