The Charlotte Weekly

June 17, 2016

Keep Kids Active this Summer ›

Schools out! Kids cheer! Parents groan. Playworks, a nonprofit devoted to improving children’s health and well-being through activity, wants to help ensure kids stay active this summer. Throughout the school year, Playworks uses recess in low-income elementary schools to encourage “meaningful play” through activity and a four-component program that focuses on social and emotional skills.…

Fox 32

June 7, 2016

Keeping kids healthy and active this summer is easier (and more fun) than you think ›

CHICAGO (FOX 32 NEWS) – We are now officially into summer break and most kids are already out of school. While summer time is the perfect time for kids to get outside and play, there are plenty of distractions around to keep them from getting good exercise such as the TV,  computer, iPad and video games.…