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“This is not about inches or pounds, and it’s not about how our children look.  This is about how our children feel.”  ~ First Lady Michelle Obama announcing Let’s Move, the new initiative to end childhood obesity in a generation
After numerous flight delays and in the largest snowstorm in Washington, D.C. history, I was lucky enough to be at the White House on Tuesday when the First Lady spoke these words. The campaign, Let’s Move, is an ambitious, multi-faceted campaign that is taking on the issue of childhood obesity where children and families live, play and learn.
It was really quite inspiring to hear the First Lady speak — she was able to shine a light on the issue, emphasizing both the importance and the practical solutions that will be needed to address it.
Her common-sense approach to this issue is one we wholeheartedly agree with, particularly when it comes to making a difference where children already are: at school and on the playground. Getting kids excited about play and physical activity now means a healthier, more successful future tomorrow.
We at Playworks are heeding the call and are game to work with the many organizations that share our commitment to get kids moving. It is particularly gratifying to see the First Lady spearhead a campaign that is so closely aligned with the Playworks philosophy. It is a major step in the direction we need to go, and in the end our kids will feel better.

Now, if I can just get a flight home and get to work …

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