Whistle Mixer

  • Pre K/K

  • No equipment needed

Development Goal

To develop listening skills.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced:  Following directions

  • Students need to be scattered within a playing area. Have them walk around without touching each other. Feel free to have them skip, hop, jump, etc.
  • Have a practice round so students can get the idea before they are put under the pressure of sitting out a game.

Set Up

Set up a clearly designated play area with visible boundaries.

How to Play

  • When the leader blows the whistle a specific number of times the students must form groups with the same number of people as whistle.
    • If s/he blows the whistle four times the students must group themselves in groups of four (five whistles=groups of five, etc.).
    • Students can be directed to hold hands or perform a number of physical movements once they form their group.
  • Those students who were not able to form with a group will go to the “waiting area” and be out just one turn.


  • You can challenge the more advanced students by requiring them to perform a specific task when the whistle is blown before they can form groups.
  • Pre-K: When the adult blows the whistle, kids must find a partner as quickly as possible. Remind students to let go of their partner’s hand before telling them to go again. Repeat, asking them to find a new partner each time.

Indoor Modifications:

  • Instead of using a whistle, clap or snap to reduce the noise indoors.