Tip It Over, Pick It Up

  • Pre K/K

  • No equipment needed

Development Goal

To follow directions and remember a task

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Listening, coordination and awareness

  • Make sure students understand safety precautions such as hands and feet should be kept to themselves and be aware of other students.
  • Students understand what to do when you blow the whistle.
  • Students know what team they are on and what their task is.

Set Up

Place cones randomly inside the boundaries of the game

How to Play

  • Divide students into two teams.
    • One team is known as the “Tipper overs”, who must knock the cones over.
    • The other team as the “Picker uppers”, who must stand the cones up.
  • The “Tipper overs” must tip over all the cones, the “Picker uppers” need to stand the cones up.
  • Cones must be tipped or picked up gently with one hand; their feet should never touch the cones.
  • On your whistle all students must freeze and put their hands in the air.
  • Count how many cones are tipped and how many are standing.
  • After the first round switch the teams roles so each team gets a chance to do the other job.
  • Each round is one minute in length.


Alternative Names:

  • Builders and Bulldozers
  • Mountains and Valleys

Indoor Modifications:

  • If not enough room can be created indoors to play the game normally, divide the class into 4 groups and take turns in rotations.
  • Another option could be to place cones on top of desks, chairs, tables, etc. if floor space is at a premium. If you try this option, remember to give extra reminders about safety.