Squash Balls

  • Grades 3-5

  • Tennis Balls

Development Goal

To develop cooperation, strategic thinking and verbal communication.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Balance, body awareness and gross muscle control.
Equipment Needed: Lots of old tennis balls.
  • Have students line up across the play area with a partner.
  • Demonstrate how to stand and balance on the tennis balls with the balls of their feet rather than their heels.
  • Allow students to practice with their partners before starting.
  • Some groups may require spotters.
  • Pass out four tennis balls to each player (eight balls per pair).

Set Up

Set up a clearly designated play area.

How to Play

  • The challenge is to cross a small area with your partner while holding hands and standing only on tennis balls.
  • The area is filled with toxic goop and the only thing that will protect you from it are tennis balls.
  • If one of the partners steps on the ground they must start over.


  • Have groups of three or four go across, or just one.
  • Let pairs come up with creative ways to cross.
  • Allow for more or less tennis balls.