Shadow Shadow

  • Pre K/K

  • None

Development Goal

To develop creative thinking and social skills.

Before You Start

  • Demonstrate how to move and how to be a shadow.
  • Choose a volunteer to help you.
  • Exaggerate and make funny movements to add more fun to the game.
  • Designate a signal to begin moving and to stop moving.
  • Emphasize the importance of awareness, to avoid contact with your partner and with others.

How to Play

  • The object is to continuously follow a partner without running into him/her.
  • Identify what type of movement is possible (walking, fast walking, running, etc).
Designate signals for the pairs to:
  • Begin moving around the play area.
  • Stop moving.
  • Change roles after one minute so both sides have the chance to lead.


  • Add various movements: skipping, hopping, leaping, crawling, etc.