Secret Agent

  • Grades 1-2

  • Cones

Development Goal

To develop active listening and awareness

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Agility and observation

  • Make sure all students know the rules and what happens if they are caught moving on “Abort!”
  • Demonstrate how to move quickly and safely

Set Up

Clearly define the playing area with a designated starting line.

How to Play

  • Have one player, the secret agent, stand 50 ft or more away from the other players, the spies.
  • The secret agent has his or her back towards the spies, and to start each round the secret agent yells “Access Agent” and the spies advance toward the secret agent’s cone to try and capture it.
  • At any moment the secret agent can turn around and shout “Abort!” Then the spies must stop immediately and any spy caught moving must sit down where he or she is and wait till the next game.
  • The first spy to reach the secret agent’s cone becomes the new secret agent for the next game.


  • Instead of sitting down when caught moving, the spies have to go back to the starting line and can continue playing

Indoor Modifications:

  • Adjust how the students move; skipping, hopping, backwards, heel-to-toe
  • Use hand signals instead of words, to keep the noise down.
  • If there are too many students for the room, divide into groups and use multiple rounds