• Pre K/K

  • Chalk

Development Goal

To develop active listening capability.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Use of peripheral vision and jumping jacks

  • Make sure all students have and know where their home base is located.
  • Demonstrate and practice proper jumping jacks.
  • Review the signals with the students.
  • Emphasize the importance of awareness and safety.

Set Up

Make a number of Xs spread out on an open play area with clear boundaries for “home bases”. Have students find a “home” spot.

How to Play

  • Explain a series of signals each which correlates with an action that the students must perform. You can make up your own signals.
    • When you roll your arms, it means scramble and the children can move all around the designated area until they see or hear the next signal.
  • A student who is slow to get back to their “home base” is assigned three jumping jacks to complete before returning to the game


  • This game can be used to teach children where their home bases are for warm-ups and cool downs during Class Game Time.

Indoor Modifications:

  • Adjust how the students move: skipping, hopping, backwards, heel-to-toe
  • Students move all around the room. When you say the magic word they have to quickly walk back to their desks and stand behind their chair.  The last two back have to do ten jumping jacks each.