Run & Rally

  • Grades 3-5

  • None

Development Goal

To develop active listening capability, cooperation, teamwork and problem solving.

Before You Start

  • Talk about safety and demonstrate how to avoid contact with each other.
  • Remind players to remain with original team.
  • Review the boundaries.
  • Divide the group equally into two or three teams.
  • Have each team line up in a single file line behind their assigned cone

How to Play

  • On your command, “On the signal ‘run’ you need to touch something yellow…ready? Run!” everyone on all the teams must complete the assigned task and return to their starting line formation.
  • When the players are starting to return to their line, call out “Rally!” and assign a line formation that the teams must make (i.e. line up by height, tallest to shortest).


  • Challenge team to play the game without talking
  • Have players touch two or more objects before returning