• Pre K/K

  • Chalk

Development Goal

To develop students’ listening and awareness

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: self-identity and listening

  • Identify the boundaries.
  • Line up students on one line and have them point/go to the other line

Set Up

Cone and/or chalk out a space to play

How to Play

  • Call out “Walk if…”, “Run if…” or “Hop if…” and an identifier “you have shoe laces”.  All students who have shoe laces will walk/run/hop (or another movement) to the other line and wait on it.
  • Continue to call our identifiers. “Run if you have Velcro shoes!” “Run if you have on sandals!” until all students are on the other line.
  • Turn-around and continue game with new identifiers back to the first line.

Notes:  Be aware of what identifiers you use. Be inclusive. Avoid identifiers based on race, class and gender.


Indoor Modifications:

  • Instead of having students move from one line to another, have them “Run”, “Walk”, “Hop”, etc. in place.