Recycle Ball

  • Pre K/K

  • Bouncy Balls

Development Goal

To develop teamwork, cooperation, and social comfort

Before You Start

Equipment Needed: 1 playground ball and a recycling bin

  • Have the group sit in a big circle.
  • Emphasize the importance of cheering on their classmates and being positive.
  • Have the group practice passing the ball hand to hand around the circle while singing the song the group has chosen.
  • Emphasize that the ball should be passed hand to hand, not thrown or rolled across the circle.
  • Emphasize that the only time a student should stand up is when they are holding the ball at the end of the song. Only the leader (or a pre-selected student) can touch the recycling bin and retrieve the ball.


Set Up

Place the recycling bin in the middle of a large circle

How to Play

  • Let the group pick a song they want to sing.
  • While singing the song pass the ball hand to hand around the circle.
  • When the song ends, the person holding the ball stands up and tries to throw the ball into the recycling bin from where they are standing.
  • The leader retrieves the ball, gives the thrower a high five, prompts a positive response from the group, and starts the game/song again with a new student.


With PreK, let each player try throwing the ball into the recycling bin before starting the game and make sure the group shouts “Good try _____(student’s name)” for each person.