• Grades 1-2

  • Bean Bags

Development Goal

To develop quick reflexes and awareness

Before You Start

Skills Practiced:  Hand eye coordination

  • Get a coin with a heads/tails differential.
  • Review that the game is a silent game. All players except for the first two in line must have their heads down and eyes closed
  • Split players onto two teams and have them face each other while holding hands. The ball or small object will be at the end of the lines in the middle of the two teams
  • Demonstrate gentle hand squeezing and consequences for not doing so

Set Up

Place a beanbag or small object on top of a chair.

How to Play

  • The objective is for a team to grab the small object before the other does by passing the current down one person at a time.
  • The judge will flip a coin; if the coin lands HEADS then the players at the front of the line may start the current by gently squeezing the hand of the person next to them. The team whose end person grabs the ball first gets a point.
  • If the coin lands TAILS then no reaction should occur and after a few seconds the judge should flip the coin again. In the event a team grabs the ball on a TAILS coin flip, that team will have a point subtracted from their total.
  • After the round, the person at the front of the line will move to the end of the line and everyone will move one spot up. Everyone should have an opportunity to be the grabber as well as the initiator, depending on group size.
  • First team to 10 points wins.


  • Instead of gently squeezing, players can also raise hands and perform a “wave” effect.

Alternate Names of the Game:

  • Electrical Current