• Pre K/K

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“All hands to the poop deck!” In this sailing game, students use their imaginations as they listen to instructions and move to the correct section of the “ship.” This fun game develops listening skills and awareness.

Development Goal

To develop listening skills and awareness.

Before You Start

  • Line students up on the sideline. Make sure all students have room to move safely between the decks.
  • Make sure all students know where each deck is located.
  • Review the importance of awareness and honesty.


  • A large rectangle split into 3 equal sections (e.g., a basketball court works if you extend key lines with chalk).
  • Designate/label sections: Poop Deck, Quarter Deck, and Main Deck.

How to Play

  • Students line up with their toes behind the sideline.
  • The leader stands at the end line and shouts either, “Poop Deck!” “Quarter Deck!” or “Main Deck!”
  • All students must then run to the designated area.
    • The last student to cross over the line into the area is out until the next round. The caller is the judge (but students usually know when they do not make it).
  • When only a few students are left; begin a new round.


  • The decks can be answers/solutions to trivia or math for older students.
  • The last student in becomes the new caller for the next round.
  •  If students arrive last, they do 10 jumping jacks and get back in the game (instead of becoming judges).
  • Create new commands, incorporating other skills like walking, skipping, hopping, jogging backward, etc. (also good to consider for safety reasons or when played indoors).