Playground Shuffleboard

  1. Indoor Game
  2. Recess Games
  3. Rotational Games
  • Any Size

  • Ages 6-10

  • Bean Bags

  • Less Than 10 minutes

Before You Start

  • Create teams of two.
  • Explain the rules of play.
  • Demonstrate how to safely slide the bean bags.

Set Up

Using tape or chalk create a shuffle board about six feet long with three lines at three feet, four feet and five feet. Mark the point values in each space.

How to Play

  • Each team gets four bean bags (or similar object, such as a small frisbee).
  • Teams use Rock Paper Scissor to determine who will slide their bean bags first.
  • Players may place their bean bag behind the start line and slide it across the board one at a time.
  • The goal is to get all your teams bean bags into the zones with the higher points.
  • Once everyone has slide their bean bags, each team tallies their points.
  • Players can hit any bean bag on the board when it is their turn.
  • A bean bag does not have to be fully inside a zone to get those points. If it is in two zones, pick the zone it is in more or rock paper scissors to determine the zone.
  • Bean bags that slide out of the board completely are worth zero points.
  • After the points are tallied, team with more points stays. The first two in line form a new team and play. If one team wins three in a row, they must go to the end of the line and two new teams play.


  • This game can also be played indoors with tape on the floor or a long table.
  • Have a marker and piece of paper or white board on hand for tallying points.