Nation Ball

  1. Ball Games
  • Any Size

  • Grades 3-5

  • Dodgeballs

  • Under 10 minutes

Development Goal

To develop an understanding of teamwork.

Skills Practiced:  Throwing, catching and evasion.

Before You Start

  • Review dodgeball safety rules, especially throwing only below the waist.
  • Teach and fairly enforce a consequence for throwing above the waist.
  • Explain the rules to players and ask them to explain the game back to you.

Set Up

Use any rectangle with a center line as a play area and soft, foam dodgeballs, such as Gator Skin balls.

How to Play

  • This game is very similar to standard dodgeball.
  • Players start spread out with each team on one side of the center line.
  • Distribute the balls evenly between the teams.
  • Upon the start signal everyone can begin throwing.
  • There are four ways to get “out”:
    • If a player is hit below the waist.
    • If s/he tries to catch the ball and drops it.
    • If s/he throws the ball and someone on the other team catches it before it bounces.
    • If a player goes out of bounds while trying to avoid being hit.
  • When any of the above happens, that player must go out of bounds on the other team’s side.
  • Players outside the boundaries must get the ball anytime it goes out of bounds on that side.
  • They are still trying to get the opposite team’s players out.
  • At any time, players can pass to their teammates, whether those teammates are in or out.
  • The game ends when all players from one team are outside the boundaries.


  • If a player outside the boundaries hits an opponent, s/he returns to her/his team inside the boundaries.
  • Players can be placed outside the boundaries to start with.
  • Limit the area where players can go once they get out i.e., only behind the end line.
  • Allow players to only throw underhand.