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  • Pre K/K

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Development Goal

To develop students’ ability to listen to directions

Before You Start

Skills Learned:  Running, following directions, reflexes and awareness

  • Have students repeat back what action goes with each command.

Set Up

A rectangle of boundaries

How to Play

  • The person calling the game may call any command found on a remote control
    • Play – Students begin walking towards finish line.
    • FF – Students run to finish line.
    • Rewind – Students move backwards.
    • Pause – Students freeze.
    • Slow Motion – Students move super slowly.
    • Power off – Students crouch down like an egg.
    • Power on – Students stand up.
  • Students must react to the commands called.
  • The goal is to make it all the way to the finish line.
  • When a student makes a mistake s/he must do 10 jumping jacks, or another short activity, to re-enter the game.


  • For younger grades start with just two or three commands and add new ones as they master the original commands.
  • Students who make a mistake:
    • Join the leader on the sideline as judges
    • Remain in the game but must go back to the starting line.