Knock Down

  • Grades 1-2

  • Bouncy Balls

Development Goal

To develop strategic thinking and teamwork skills.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced:  Throwing, catching and spatial awareness.

Equipment Needed:  Four to ten cones (half cones won’t work) and a variety of dodgeballs (about three to five).

  • Split players into even teams; make sure each team knows which is their side
  • Review boundary lines and remind them that there is no crossing of the center line.

Set Up

Create a large rectangular playing space with a center line using a painted line, chalk or half cones. About five feet behind two opposite outside boundary lines, place a row of cones evenly spaced apart.

How to Play

  • The object of the game is to knock down all the opponents’ cones before they do the same to your cones.
  • Players may not cross the center line while throwing or to retrieve a ball.
  • Each team is allowed to have one person in front of each cone to protects it. They must, however, stay five feet away from the cone.
  • If someone accidently knocks over their own cone, it remains down.
  • Once all cones are knocked down on one side, the game is over.


Alternate Names: Cone Dodgeball

  • Vary the game by changing the number of cones and dodgeballs.
  • If there are too many players for a small playing area or just to change the style of play, try adding traditional dodgeball rules.