Hop’n Freeze

  • Pre K/K

  • Cones

Development Goal

To develop listening skills.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Hopping, jumping, skipping, running and balance

  • Demonstrate how to avoid contact with each other.
  • Everyone should be able to repeat all rules and signals.
  • Spread the group out to avoid contact and collisions.

Set Up

Use boundaries to create an appropriate size play area.

How to Play

  • Everyone must stay inside the boundaries
  • On 1st signal: players begin hopping (skipping, jumping, etc)
  • On 2nd signal: everyone must freeze in a balanced position (on one foot, one foot and one hand, or whichever position)
  • Repeat several times; add new signals and action players must use (such as galloping).


  • Play the game while balancing a beanbag on the players’ heads.
  • Have them go while holding hands with a partner and give added balancing challenges.