Heads Up Tag

  1. Tag Games
  • Grades 3-5

  • Jerseys

Development Goal

To develop hand-eye coordination & a sense of shared space

Before You Start

Skills Practiced:  Running, Agility, Safe Tagging, spatial awareness, evasion

  • Gather different colored pennies or jerseys
  • Review the boundaries
  • Pick 7 people to be taggers
  • Have the taggers put on the colored pennies
  • Demonstrate safe tagging
    • Light touch, like butterfly wings, on the shoulder
    • Unsafe tags: hard contact that might cause the person being tagged to fall.

Set Up

Designate a large play area with clear boundaries that has room for students to run

How to Play

  • 7 taggers stand in the play area while the rest of the group stands on a boundary line
  • The players on the boundary line turn around and close their eyes and stick out their thumb
  • 7 taggers go around and tap one thumb
  • When they are done, the taggers say “Heads Up, 7-up!”
  • The players that were tagged then have to chase the 7 taggers to find out who tapped their thumb
  • The players that were tagged continue tagging the original taggers until they find out who tagged them
  • If a tagger did not tap a player’s thumb, they must say “Not me!”
  • The leader can do a countdown to start a new round


Also called 7-Up Tag.