Grumps Island

  1. Tag Games
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Grades 1-2

  • Chalk

  • 10 minutes or more

Development Goal

To develop teamwork and cooperation

Before You Start

  • Demonstrate safe tagging
  • Explain the boundaries including the lines they run between and the center circle (island)
  • Explain that the two end lines are the shores and the circle is an island with everything else as the ocean.

Set Up

Can be played outside or in a gym. This game is easiest played on a basketball court with end lines and a center circle. If outside use chalk or cones to create boundaries.

How to Play

  • The students must attempt to go across the ocean, but it is “too far to swim without a break” so students must stop at the island on their way.
  • The Island has a Grump on it that will try and tag the students as they step onto his/her island.
  • Students must put at least one foot onto the island before they can go across to the other side.
  • If students get tagged, they become Grumps with her/him.
  • Grumps must keep one foot on the island at all times because Grumps are too old to swim.
  • If students successfully put one foot on the island and get to the other side, they should wait there until the next round when they will swim back.
  • You may have to start counting down because students will take a long time trying to get onto the island.


  • Students must actually pretend like they are swimming by doing a swim stroke across the water.
  • Grumps can hold hands and make a chain to stretch off of the island and tag others (only 3-5th)