Fruit Basket

  1. Tag Games
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Grades 3-5

  • None

  • 10 minutes or more

Development Goal

To develop spatial awareness and evasion techniques

Before You Start

  • Line players up and count them off into four groups, Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Grapes or other fruit if you prefer
  • Have each fruit group line up on different sides of the rectangle. Along the sidelines and baselines
  • Review safe tagging techniques and consequences for not doing so
  • Choose a volunteer or two to be Taggers, depending on group size

Set Up

Large rectangle area, Basketball court size

How to Play

  • The object is for players to safely cross the court without being tagged. Players on the sidelines will only cross to the other sideline each round; likewise, players on the baselines will only cross over to the other baseline
  • The leader will call out any combination of fruit i.e. APPLES, BANANAS! etc. Each team must cross if their fruit is called. Coach may call out 1-4 fruits at a time or call out FRUIT BASKET which means all four groups must cross at the same time
  • If a player is tagged or makes contact with another fruit, they must turn into a Fruit Tree. They are planted into the ground, not allowed to move, but still able to tag crossing fruits
  • Last player who is not a Fruit Tree or tagger wins
  • Stepping outside of the boundaries to avoid a tag automatically makes that player a Fruit Tree


Car Lot – use car names instead of Fruits