Drop the Cookie!

  1. Tag Games
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Ages 3-5

  • Cones

  • 10 Minutes

Development Goal

Sense of boundaries, eye-foot coordination, listening to directions.

Before You Start

  • Show players the “cookies” (half-cones) and tell them ‘how delicious they are.’
  • Remind players what a safe tag looks like (soft like a butterfly on the arms, shoulders and back) and tell them what the boundaries are.

Set Up

Use a large play area with clear boundaries appropriate for the number of players.

How to Play

  • Hand out cones to about one-third of the group.
  • The players who do not have cones chase those who do. When they tag them, they yell “Drop the cookie!”
  • The player who is tagged must drop it and run away (becoming a tagger).
  • The tagger picks up the cone and then is chased by the other players.



  • Exchange the cones for pool noodles. Players then yell “Drop the Linguine!”
  • Replace the cones with other equipment.
  • Have the cones represent another object, such as a ball or pizza.
  • Have players yell other’s names, such as “Hey (name), drop the cookie!”, to reinforce learning names.
  • If played indoors, emphasize safety and spatial awareness by alternating movement, such as hopping, walking or playing on knees.