• Any Size

  • Ages 3-5

  • No equipment needed

  • 10 minutes or more

This game is also known as Who Stayed in Their Seat?

Development Goal

To develop memorization.

Before You Start

  • This game can be played in a circle or at their desks.
  • Roll call with every player to check if there is a player who does not know everyone’s names.

Set Up

Classroom, other indoor space.

How to Play

  • One player leaves the room and becomes the detective.
  • Choose one player to hide in a place in the room where they will not be visible.
  • The rest of the circle changes places or changes seats.
  • Call the detective back into the room.
  • The detective then tries to guess who is hidden.
  • If s/he guesses correctly, s/he is the detective again.
  • If s/he is wrong, the hiding player is the new detective.


This game can be played in a circle or at their seats. If they are at their seats, all players must trade seats before the detective enters the room.