• Any Size

  • Ages 3-5

  • None

  • 10 Minutes

Development Goal

To develop body consciousness and listening to directions

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Body awareness, following directions, and gross muscle control.

  • Tell players to find their own space; there is no touching in this game.
  • Talk about what a dead fish might look and act like.

How to Play

  • The leader of the game calls a countdown [5-4-3-2-1 DEAAAD FIIISH!], during which the players can run around and make as much noise as they want. (If you are playing in a classroom, have students walk and talk quietly).
  • When the leader says ‘Dead Fish’, everyone must do their best impression of a dead fish. Often this involves lying down.
  • The leader walks among the fishes, looking for movement.
  • If a player moves (beyond blinking), s/he must go to the line.


When players get out, they can help look for movement or try to entice other players to move.