Media Release Forms

Media Release Forms

Use media release forms if the proposed content will only ever be used for informational purposes or promoting Playworks.

Example: Using Playworks school photos to update new flyers for AmeriCorps coach recruitment.

  • Release form for minors
  • Release form for adults
  • Release form/sign in sheet for trainings/events
  • Pro photo folder (store photos and releases from trainings/events)

Commercial Release Forms

Use the commercial release if the proposed content will ever be used for promoting a business’ product or services.

Example: New Balance wants to use a Junior Coach video to turn into a social media advertisement. They will need to fill out a commercial release. You’ll want to have this signed when the content is being collected. If there is a drastic change of how the content will be used (given to a new partner besides New Balance, for example) then the subject would need to sign an addendum or additional release.

Release form for minors (English & Spanish)

Have questions about which release form you need to use in your specific situation? Contact us!

Playworks General Release Form