The Playworks logo is a key element and a valuable asset for our brand. The correct and consistent use of our logo enhances our brand recognition.

Our logo consists of the Playworks mark and wordmark only.

This section is designed to provide direction that will help us create materials that our audiences will come to recognize as ours.



Primary Logo

The primary logo is PMS 2995 (Blue) and PMS 423 (Gray). It is intended to be used on white or lighter backgrounds in order to maintain legibility.

Minimum size in print is 1 inch wide or 70 pixels wide on the web.

Never crowd the logo with other visual elements.

Give the logo room to breath and help it stand out.

Alternate Logo

The alternate logo is a horizontal version that is meant to fit a short layout space without sacrificing legibility.

The jump rope icon now sits on the same level as the Playworks text but slightly oversized and to the left.

Colors, sizing and other usage rules still follows the Primary Logo guidelines.