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  1. Great Recess Framework Rubric for Educators
  2. Research Validation Study: Published research on the validity and reliability of the GRF observational tool. Seventeen of the 24 items on the GRF have been validated, meaning they are likely to be used consistently even when the tool is used by different people.
  3. GRF Onsite Observation Guide for Educators: Use to track GRF indicator scores. If you are interested in housing and reporting on your data online, contact
  4. GRF Training Manual for Educators: Use to understand how to score each indicator.

If you would like to be trained in using the Great Recess Framework as a valid tool for reporting outcomes, please contact Jennette Claassen, M.S.W. at

The Great Recess Framework observational tool is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.  

Researchers, access the Great Recess Framework here.