The Charlotte Weekly

June 17, 2016

Keep Kids Active this Summer ›

Schools out! Kids cheer! Parents groan. Playworks, a nonprofit devoted to improving children’s health and well-being through activity, wants to help ensure kids stay active this summer. Throughout the school year, Playworks uses recess in low-income elementary schools to encourage “meaningful play” through activity and a four-component program that focuses on social and emotional skills.…

The Orange Country Register

March 8, 2016

Santa Ana students learning playground lessons on respect and confidence ›

A loud buzzer announces recess at Santa Ana’s James A. Garfield Elementary. Youngsters stream out of their classrooms and pause briefly in neat lines before scattering across the blacktop to bounce balls, skip rope and play tag. It’s a typical schoolyard scene, unfolding against a soundtrack of shrieks and shouts. But considerably more is at…

September 24, 2015

Parents, Here Are the Answers to Your Questions ›

We are sharing our most frequently asked questions from parents and guardians of kids at Playworks partner schools.

December 5, 2013

Parent Involvement Improves Schools ›

Parents for Public Schools’ Anne Foster shares how parents can make an impact in schools.

June 19, 2013

Parents Persuade School District to Create Recess Policy ›

A Connecticut school district has begun creating a new recess policy that will require 20 minutes of daily recess after parents made several complaints about access to recess.