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We are sharing our most frequently asked questions from parents and guardians of kids at Playworks partner schools.

Each year, Playworks partners with new schools across the country. Our goal is to empower kids through play to develop happy, healthy schools. To achieve this, we train adults to create fun, safe, and inclusive playgrounds through games and positive group management techniques. Children enjoy fun, interesting, and challenging games while they play alongside engaging adult role models (and often student leaders) at recess every day.

Our approach to recess is new to many school communities, and parents and guardians have questions. In order to help answer those questions, we have gathered the most frequently asked and answered them in a new resource. You will find questions about the type of games we play, how we use equipment, and much more.

For answers to your questions about Playworks programs, please visit FAQs from Parents/Guardians at Playworks Partner Schools. Please feel free to ask any unanswered questions in the comments section below.


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