Schools Should Provide Students with 30+ Minutes of Physical Activity Each Day

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An Institute of Medicine report recommends schools provide children with more than 50 percent of the needed 60 minutes of daily physical activity

Only about half of US children get the recommended daily 60 minutes of physical activity, according to the Institute of Medicine (IoM). Children spend several hours each day in school. With this in mind, IoM has released a report on the state of physical activity and physical education in schools and recommendations to help schools increase students activity.

The Institute of Medicine recommends the follow for schools to create opportunities for student physical activity:

  1. Develop a whole school approach to provide at least 30 minutes per day of vigorous to moderate physical activity, including:
    • A high quality physical education program,
    • Recess, physical activity in the classroom and other in-school opportunities,
    • Active transportation to/from school,
    • Before/after school programming available to all students,
    • and Intramural and extramural sports for all students.
  2. Consider access to physical activity in school policy decisions
  3. Designate physical education as a core subject
  4. Assess and monitor physical education and physical activity in school
  5. Provide professional development opportunities for classroom and physical education teachers
  6. Ensure all students have equal access to facilities and opportunities for physical activity and quality physical education.

How does your school provide children opportunities for physical activity?

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