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What is Tag like at your school?

Ideally, Tag is a great way for kids to release energy, build resilience, and learn about respectful touch during play. If Tag at your school is too rough, try these modifications to keep it safe and inclusive so that it can continue to be a timeless recess option.

  • Boundaries: Use boundaries like painted lines or cones to keep tag games contained, minimizing collisions and interference with other games. Select a level spot free from hazards so kids can play safely. Review the game location and boundaries at the beginning of recess.
  • Butterfly Fingers: Butterfly fingers are a light and gentle way to tag others – a soft touch like a butterfly landing. Demonstrate Butterfly Fingers and have kids practice tagging themselves before starting the game.
  • USA Tagging: Teach respectful touch through Tag. Kids should only tag others on the Upper Back, Shoulders, and Arms.
  • Movement Modifications: If running isn’t safe in your space, adjust the movement. Try skipping, moon bouncing, or firefeet. Movement Modifications are great on concrete and other hard surfaces, in small spaces, or as a reset if a game is getting too rough.
  • Introduce Teamwork: Promote cooperation with Tag games that include teamwork or helping others. Try Wolves and Bunnies or Magic Tag.
  • Make Everyone It: Eliminate constant cries of “Who’s It?” with games that make EVERYBODY It. These inclusive options keep everyone engaged and prevent conflict – or meltdowns. Try Watch Your Back Tag and Bandage Tag.

Remember, Tag is fun, so kids may still get caught up in the moment and forget to use Butterfly Fingers or firefeet. Just pause the game and review the rules, asking kids to demonstrate the correct behavior before returning to game play.

How to: Play Magic Tag

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