Whoosh Ball

  1. Cooperative Games
  2. Indoor Game
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Ages 6-10

  • None

Set Up

  • Transition participants into one large circle

How to Play

  • Game facilitator begins with an imaginary ball – the “whoosh” ball
    • motions in this game include: “whoosh”, “whoah”, “zap”,  and “boing”
    • the facilitator will introduce one motion at a time allowing all players an opportunity to practice the motion before introducing the next motion.
  • Pass the ball around the circle in one direction with each player saying “whoosh” while passing the ball to the next player
  • To stop the whoosh ball and change it’s direction the player receiving the “whoosh” may choose to say “whoa” while placing an open palm to the whoosher. This stops the progression of the whoosh ball and the person who was whoa’d must turn and pass the whoosh to the player on their other side.
  • If a player is whoa’d on both sides this is a “double-whoaed whoosh” and the whoosh ball must be passed all the way around circle without interruption until it returns to the player where it began.
  • To pass the whoosh ball across the circle the recipient of the whoosh ball may “zap” the ball to another player. To “zap” a player steps forward, clapping together both hands pointing them to one player while making eye contact. The recipient of the “zap” may “zap” the ball to another player or “whoosh” the ball to their left or right. You may not “whoa” a “zap”. You may not “zap” the player to your immediate left or right.
  • The recipient of the “whoosh” may also choose to say “boing” while squatting down and bouncing back up. All players in the circle must mimic the same sounds and actions. The person leading the “boing” may boing up to three times in a row then must pass the “whoosh” continuing in the same direction.


  • The game may be played with eliminations