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  • Ages 6-10

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  • Less Than 10 minutes

Get those butterfly fingers ready and jump into the grid for Patintero. This traditional game from the Philippines will have students tagging, evading, and laughing as they try and cross from one side to the next.  

Development Goal

To develop gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. Skills practiced: safe tagging, agility, evasion, balance, spatial awareness.

Before You Start

  • Review butterfly tag and respectful touching.

  • Review proper methods of movement other than running such as shuffling, skipping, speed walking, etc.

Set Up

Create a court of grid lines on the floor in a rectangular shape about 5 to 6 meters divided into two columns with 2 to 3 rows.

How to Play

  • Assign a student to the lateral line in the middle of the court and a student to each horizontal line in the middle and at the exit line (not the entrance line).

  • Students assigned to the lines make up “defense.” Defensive players may only move with their feet along the line they are assigned to and without stepping into the space.

  • The rest of the students create a recycle line outside the court and are offensive players.

  • The goal of the game is for the offensive players to get as many players through the court without being tagged by the defensive players.

  • If an offensive player is tagged by a defensive player, he or she goes to the end of the recycle line to wait for his or her next turn.


  • Use a basketball to practice dribbling and defensive drills

  • The goal for offensive players is to make it in both directions without being tagged.

  • Create two teams and assign points for every offensive player that successfully crosses without being tagged.

  • Assign points for every tag. After three points defense and offense switch places.