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  • 11+ Players

  • All Ages

  • No equipment needed

  • 10-15 Minutes

This is a great game for indoor play! Students practice self-control in their bodies and voices while also practicing safe tagging.


Practice body control and safe tagging indoors. 

Before You Start

  • Identify the clear boundaries of the game and make sure players know of any off limits spaces (under furniture, leaving the room etc.)
  • Make sure all participants understand how Villages get “caught” and how to get back in.

Set Up

  • Identify an area where players can safely crawl. Ideally there will be obstacles to crawl around.
  • Identify where Villagers go when they get caught.

How to Play

  • The leader is the Giant, all other players are Villagers.
  • The Giant starts on the edge of the space and says “Fee, Fie, Foe, Fum, Freeze!” to start the game. Villagers may crawl around the space until the Giant says “Freeze!”
  • While frozen, Villages must stay totally still and silent.
  • After saying “Freeze!”, the Giant can take up to three giant steps to tag as many frozen villagers as possible. Villagers cannot move away from the Giant.
  • Villagers must return to their seat (or the designated “Caught” area) when they are:
    • Tagged by the Giant.
    •  Caught moving by the Giant OR any adults in the room.
    • Caught making noise by the Giant OR any adults in the room.
    • Caught moving on their feet (running) instead of crawling by the giant OR any adults in the room.
  • After the Giant takes three steps and tags as many Villagers as possible, the next round will start. The Giant will start from the place they ended after their three steps. The Giant will say the phrase, and the Villagers can move until the Giant says “Freeze!”
  • Repeat until either all Villagers have been tagged OR the Giant was unable to tag a Villager in that round.
  • Tagged Villagers may return to the game after a round when the Giant is not able to tag anyone (and no one is caught moving or making a noise!)


Add in RoShamBo! Have the giant and villagers who get tagged RoShamBo. If the villager wins, they stay in the game. If the giant wins, the villager goes to the “caught” area.