Detective Frog

  1. Cooperative Games
  2. Indoor Game
  3. Readiness Games
  • 6-10 Players

  • All Ages

  • None

  • 10-15 Minutes

This is a great game for indoor play! In this game, players get the chance to try on different skills, like being a part of a team and watching others’ body language.


To get all players to fall asleep in the circle without the detective finding out.

Before You Start

Make sure players understand the roles of the Detective and the Frog.

  • The Detective’s job is to try and guess who the Frog is before too many players have fallen asleep.
  • The Frog’s job is to make as many players fall asleep as possible without getting caught by the Detective.

Set Up

Can be played outside, in a gym or in a classroom. Have students form a circle with a little bit of room between each one.

How to Play

  • Select one player to be the Detective and ask them to leave the playing area.
  • All players stand (or sit) in a circle and put their heads down as the leader chooses the Frog.  
  • Once the Frog is chosen, the Detective is asked to rejoin the playing area and stand inside the circle. 
  • The Frog can now begin to put players to sleep.
    • To put players to sleep, the Frog must stick their tongue out (or point with one finger) at their target.
    • When the Frog puts a player to sleep, that player takes a seat or dramatically goes to sleep. 
  • Based on who and where players fall asleep, the Detective must use this information to identify the Frog. If the Detective does not successfully identify the Frog within three guesses, ask the Frog to reveal themself and give the Detective a high 5.
  • Choose a new Detective and a new Frog and play again!


  • Place a time limit on how long the Detective has to find the Frog.
  • Make it a race to see how fast the Detective can find the Frog before they put a specific number of players to sleep.
  • Give out clues as to who the Frog might be (works well if the Frog a long time to send players to sleep).