Celebrity Dodgeball

  1. Ball Games
  2. Cooperative Games
  3. Indoor Game
  4. Recess Games
  5. Rotational Games
  • 11+ Players

  • Grades 3-5

  • Cones

  • 15-20 Minutes

This is a great game for older students during indoor recess. In this game, players work together to throw a dodgeball at the chosen “celebrity”. This is a dodgeball variation!


To work together as a team to hit the “Celebrity” from the shoulders down with a dodgeball.

Before You Start

  • Talk to the group of kids about safe dodgeball throws. 
  • Only throw the ball at someone from their shoulders down
  • Keep the dodgeball inside the circle as much as possible

Set Up

  • Set up a circle with visible boundaries using cones, chalk, tape, etc.
  • If indoors, move any breakables or spillables away from the circle

How to Play

  • Choose two players to be in the middle of the circle, they must stay inside the circle until the end of the round
    • One player is the “celebrity” and chooses who they would like to be. 
    • The second player is the celebrity’s “bodyguard”
  • Remaining players circle up outside of the boundaries and have one dodgeball for the whole group. They must work together to pass the ball to each other and try to hit the celebrity from the shoulders down
    • Players can choose to pass the dodgeball OR throw it at the celebrity at any time
    • Players must not cross the cones, chalk, tape, etc
  • The bodyguard is protecting the celebrity from the ball. The bodyguard may use any part of their body (except head) to block the ball from hitting the “celebrity”
  • The round is over when the “celebrity” is hit with the ball (from the shoulders down)
  • Two new players are chosen to be in the middle


  • Introduce more than one dodgeball 
  • Players on the outside must pass the ball at least “x” times before attempting to throw at the celebrity