Bridge Ball

  1. Ball Games
  2. Cooperative Games
  3. Indoor Game
  4. Readiness Games
  • 6-10 Players

  • Ages 6-10

  • Bouncy Balls

  • 5-10 Minutes

This is a great game for the entire class! In this game, students form a circle and try to hit a ball through each other’s “bridges.” This game has several variations and can be modified to keep it challenging for students of any age or ability.


To improve hand-eye coordination and strategic play.

Before You Start

  • Designate a safe play space in which the group can stand in a large circle, and it is okay for a ball to roll outside of the circle.
  • Make sure all players know how to use a flat hand to keep the ball rolling on the floor vs. flying up into the air.
  • Make sure all players know not to reach in front of others in order to get the ball.

Set Up

Have players stand in a circle, foot-to-foot.  Players legs should be slightly more than shoulder width apart, forming a “bridge.”

How to Play

  • The goal of the game is for players to try and roll the ball through another player’s bridge (legs), and block the ball from coming through their own.
  • To begin, have all players get into the ready position with their hands on their knees, and choose one player to start the game.
  • The first player should roll the ball with an open palm, aiming for another player’s bridge.
  • Players may only block/roll the ball when it is coming towards them, and should not reach in front of other players.
  • If the ball bounces up, a player may catch it, but must place the ball back on the ground and roll it into play.
  • If the ball goes outside the circle, either through a bridge or bouncing between players, the player closest to it when it went out may go and get it.


  • If space allows, add a ball or two once players know how to play.
  • If it is a large group, add a player to the middle of the circle to keep the game moving faster.
    • Players in the circle can try to hit the player in the middle below the knee as well as trying to roll the ball through bridges.  
    • When the player in the middle is hit 3 times below the knee, have them high-five another player and switch positions.
  • If the ball rolls through a player’s legs, have them turn around and play backwards.