Playworks Honored as Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Sports Award Finalist

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Oakland, CA—May 31, 2017—Playworks was announced as one of the 16 finalists for the 2017 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Sports Award. The Sports Award honors the innovative and collaborative efforts of individuals, organizations, and teams that are making their communities healthier through sports.

Playworks was recognized as an influential leader and model for others along with seven other organizations in this category. Playworks and other finalists will be honored on September 13, 2017, during an awards presentation at the Foundation’s headquarters in Princeton, N.J.

“Congratulations to our finalists for the 2017 Sports Award and the outstanding examples they have set in their communities,” said Richard Besser, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation President and CEO. “Their work demonstrates a dedication to others and a sense of pride that will make their communities healthier and happier places to live.”

“For decades the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has modeled how to blend collaboration and innovation to make deep impact across the country,” said Playworks Founder and CEO Jill Vialet. “It’s an honor to be recognized by a partner that has helped inform and scale Playworks’ impact over the years and to stand alongside other leading organizations in this category.”

Read the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s official press release.


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