It’s officially Jill Vialet Day in Oakland, CA!

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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf names Sept. 1, 2016 Jill Vialet Day

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf named September 1, 2016 Jill Vialet Day in honor of Playworks' founder and in celebration of Playworks' 20th anniversary. David Silver, Director of Education for the city of Oakland, recognized Vialet at Playworks' national board meeting and shared the following statement from Mayor Libby Schaaf:

Playworks is a national nonprofit headquartered in Oakland, California. I am so proud to help this great organization and its Founder and CEO, Jill Vialet, celebrate their 20th anniversary. Simply put, Playworks believes in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid.


That phrase "the best in every kid" isn't an abstract concept – regular access to safe and healthy play has been scientifically proven to create positive outcomes in the lives of children. A 20-year retrospective study published last year in the American Journal of Public Health suggests that kindergarten students with higher "social competence" traits are more likely to attain higher education and higher-paying jobs – something that will have clear benefits in the communities Playworks serves.

These social-emotional and conflict resolution skills are just the sort of things that Playworks teachers, and they reach over 750,000 kids across the country each year. I'm so proud that Oakland serves as the national home for Playworks – because so many kids in our city, and across the country, have benefited from Jill Vialet's vision.

Playworks is charged with bringing safe and healthy play to as many kids as possible every day, and the work they do is inspiring and inspired. I could not be more honored to proclaim September 1, 2016 as Jill Vialet Day in the city of Oakland.

Mayor Libby Schaaf also congratulated Jill Vialet on Twitter:

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